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What kind of format does my artwork need to be in?

All artwork should be provided in a vector format (.eps, .ai, .svg, .pdf) with all text outlined and any full color images at 300 dpi or higher. Whenever possible, files should be full-size and not compressed or zipped. Note, even if your artwork is saved in one of these formats it may not be a high enough quality for us to use.

If your artwork isn't vector based, our designers can take whatever you have, whether it's a .jpg or .gif, and convert it to a vector art for you. Vector art is preferred because it provides the best quality and allows images to be resized without loss of sharpness and detail.

What if I don't have my artwork in vector format or need help with my design?

If you don’t have artwork, it’s not a problem! Send us a file of your logo and our designers can create new artwork, or re-create your existing artwork in a usable format. All art fees will be quoted at $25 and up and require prepayment prior to any design work being done.

Where do I send my artwork?

Please e-mail all artwork to


When sending your artwork via e-mail, it is very important that you include the following information:


In the Subject Area:



In the Message Area:

Company Name, Your Name, Phone Number

Item to be Imprinted

If you have any questions, feel free to call, email, or chat live with us! Our amazing team will be happy to assist you with any question you have.

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